Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September Addition

It's September!  Back to School! 
New shoes, styles, supplies and smells!

Mums the word…but
back in the day
I loved getting the kids ready to go 
back-to-school. woo hoo

First was the trip to Staples which I would consider the 
Highlighter of the back-to-school experience.  
Oh my heavenly hole punch …I still love love LOVE 
the smell of that store.  
Some people like the smell of cut grass, 
some like the smell of raccoons (seriously) 
so it's not so cray cray that I would like the aroma of 
#2 lead pencil mixed with 
binders, file folders and filler paper.  

note to self:  Eau de School Supplies
bottle it…someone will buy it.

Next up were haircuts…trims for the girls…
and the ever fashionable bowl cut for Colin(boy).
Why did I bother taking Colin for a haircut...
I could have saved myself $ and time.
My set of Kitchen Aid mixing bowls were the perfect template.
just increase the quart size as he grows.

Taking them for their 1st day 
back-to-school outfits was fun...
mostly when they would wear what I suggested... 

but the trip to Bob's was the sole event for all of us...
for them...choosing new sneakers aka tennis shoes
for me...watching Colin dash around the store 
to make sure his new sneaks were up to the Colin challenge.


This September brings a heavenly addition into our world…
Baby girl Hyatt…
due September 24th
and we couldn't be happier.
Congrats to Chelsea-momma and Austin-daddy to-be...
In a true mathematical expression...
your addition will multiply the joy in your life exponentially.

I know…I know….
it might be hard to beat the smell of 
looseleaf paper in a Trapper Keeper…

but I'm prettttty sure...
NOTHING in this world 
the smell of a newborn baby.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Totally Satisfying Solar Eclipse

Did you see the Total Eclipse of the Sun yesterday?

It was awe-inspiring
all those superlatives rolled up into one 
stellar cosmic experience in the sky.

Although I didn't get to experience the totality of the eclipse, 
I viewed the solar eclipse as a moment of unity…
when we all came together to watch something 
than our collective selves.
Kumbaya experience on a national level.

I really wished I was in Nashville 
experiencing a 100 percent eclipse (lucky Colin)…
where day would become night for a couple of minutes. Instead I was in the northeast…
viewing a partial eclipse 
at 63 percent.

Either way, I wasn't prepared with appropriate eyewear glasses for viewing.

PattyO, told me she once safely watched a partial eclipse 
in a bucket of water.  
I figured why not give it a try?
That way I wouldn't be online today googling
"symptoms of eye damage from viewing the solar eclipse."

 So I got out the red bucket we use for the Pirate Keg, 
filled it with water, set it out in the sun
and anxiously waited for the moon 
to nibble its way through the sun …
kinda like the cookie(s) I was nibbling while I waited.

I clicked away...
taking pictures of the bucket 
as the moon moved across the sun,
but on close examination...
the eclipse had an eerily familiar shadow…

apparently the bucket works better for a keg than an eclipse.


Whether you were 
overwhelmed or underwhelmed
by the eclipse
probably depended on where you were watching. 
and if you geek out on celestial events. 

Meteorologist Stephanie Abrams, 
reporting live during the eclipse,
cried during the eclipse.
I admit she had me crying along with her.  
Nothing makes me break down more than an emotional meteorologist.

Researchers reported that animals could change their routine 
or become confused during the eclipse...
so many humans flocked to zoos to watch their fellow mammals' reactions.

This Kat's behavior 
was hardly disturbed from the usual routine…
although I did go for the frig earlier than I normally I do...

And as I opened the frig door...

there it was 
staring me in the face

ahhh, a CORONA...
maybe not as bright 
TOTALLY satisfying. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Out of Left Field

This blog post might look like it is coming out of 
left field, 
and it is..
yesterday was 
International Left-Handers Day.

I find it fun to watch a lefty. 
Everything they do looks awkward to someone who’s a righty...
mainly because we do everything right 
while they are left in the dark.

Sometimes, however, the lines get blurred…especially in politics. 
There are some us who are right-handed and right wing, 
and others who are left-handed and left wing…
but there are also some right wing people who are lefties, 
and some left wing people who are righties. 
And also those…who are left or right of center. 
I’m so confused. 
I have nothing left to say that is right on that subject.


They say lefties are intelligent 
and historically some of our more 
influential and successful people are left-handed. 
That would include Clinton, Ford, George H. W. Bush, Obama, 
Hendrix, Michelangelo, Oprah, and Babe Ruth. 
Add PaulA to that impressive list. 
Saying “lefties are intelligent”…
is a left-handed compliment...but not in the
"left-handed compliment" idiom way.

PaulA comes from a family of lefties, 
...his mother and 2 other brothers. 
3 out of 7 siblings are lefties and
4 out of 7 of them brush their teeth with CREST.

I’m a righty who married a lefty so throughout our marriage…
I have watched PaulA write with a …
left hook
eat and use scissors, (he doesn't eat with scissors)
tie his shoes and 
put cards in envelopes the wrong way.
The one thing he does the right way...
is play golf.

If I was left to my own devices…
I would make lefties conform and do things the right way…
but I also realize I should stop being so self-righteous, 
and accept that lefties (and PaulA)
have rights too. 

Right-handed Kat 

has finally left the building.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Happy 26th Birthday Bri

It's June Fif...as Bri used to call it 
before she figured out it had a th! 
(And why would we want to correct such a cute thang.)  


was born 26 years ago today...
our beautiful baby doll .

Chelsea had 2 baby dolls to play with

As luck would have it, 
Brianna was brought home to this chicken pox diseased duo 
...who couldn't wait to get their hands 
on their new baby sister.


As some of you know...
our nickname for Brianna is 
Wish, Wishy, Sweet Wish, Wish Queen of America

Her nickname comes from the Cinderella song 
"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes." 
I would sing her that sweet Disney song at bedtime, 
kiss her goodnight and 
whisper "goodnight sweet wish."

The funny thing is as time went on...
she started asking for another request before I left her room.
Maybe another sweet Disney song?
Her favorite request
after she let me humor myself with that sweet sappy song...

Take Me Out to the Ballgame
(to heck with the Disney song mom, let's get rowdy.) 

That should have been my clue way back then...
our Sweet Wish was gonna go to 
college in Boston,
work in the Seaport District, 
live in Southie
and be a wicked monsta Red Sox fan.  

Apparently I should have sung
a boisterous rendition of
"Take Me Out to the Ballgame"...
kissed her goodnight and 
goodnight Sweet Caroline...
ba ba ba
so good, so good, so good
Neil Diamond approved

Happy Birthday Brianna

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chillin' on a Monday

If you know me, you know where I was yesterday.
Hint:  Yesterday was free cone day at Dairy Queen.

Besides love for
God, my family, and my country…
I Love  ICE CREAM...especially soft serve.

 Through the years, I've turned PaulA into a lover…
(you know what I mean)
he's not as freakishly fixated.

I have a long "history" with ice cream
so yesterday, as I sat chillin' with my D.Q.
particular "ice cream story"
 that will remain frozen in time...
came to mind.

I call it:

"Ice, Ice, Baby."


Way back in the day...
when PaulA and I would drive home 
from visiting his parents...
we would ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS stop at the Dairy Queen 

It didn’t matter to me that PaulA didn't wanted ice cream…that was his loss.  

The DQ was a required stop…
even if we had just eaten a 
4 course meal complete with ala mode.

You see, 
I am a soft-serve junkie.

And so it goes...one day
PaulA and I had a disagreement. 
A minor spat, although no spitting was involved.

As we drove home in silence,  
I could see the DQ approaching….yup, DQ next stop. 

But instead of pulling into the parking lot...
PaulA drove right past it. 

Seeing, I am not any good at being SILENT…
I broke the ice with,  “I can’t believe you didn’t stop.”

PaulA, feigning ignorance, “Oh, you wanted me to stop?”
“Of course,” I said, 
“we ALWAYS stop…you know that.
He replied, “I’ll go back.”

So I continued ala childish behavior,
 “No, forget it. I don’t want it now.”

PaulA replied, “Well, I’m going back. I want a cone."
I bellowed, “Whaat? You never do.”

After turning the car around, 
PaulA came back from the D.Q.
holding a large vanilla cone.

As we continued down the road, 
PaulA loudly lapped his cone as he drove… 
“ahhh…this is so good…yumm.”

I am not sure what came over me at that moment. 
I didn’t even think about it. 

In one quick motion, I reached over, 
grabbed the cone out of his hand…
and threw it out my opened window. 

He looked at me….
I looked at him…. 
and we both cracked up laughing. 

Ice cream makes everyone chill.

"So good, it's riDQulous."

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Paddy's Day

St. Paddy's Day

A day to celebrate Irish history, customs, and spirits.


a day to pay homage to St. Patrick

and St. Guiness.

They say 13 million pints will be drunk 
(or is that drank) on March 17.
Probably be drunk.

Even Princess Kate is hoisting a pint.


Remember to get your shamrock on.

and partake in wearing o' the green...

otherwise you just might get pinched.

And don't hesitate to

Belt down a pint or two

Belt out "When Irish Eyes are Smiling"

Loosen your belt for some corn beef and cabbage.

Lucky for us 

after a night of Irish getting jiggy...

we can call on

St. Uber

to carry us home.

Happy St. Patrick's Day,

lads and lassies.